2015, Video & Photo Installation

Created in 2014 at the cusp of the rapid gentrification in Long Island City, Crescent x Hunter Street examines the area once caught between neighborhoods that have been gentrified and those that have been left behind. Through a series of photographs and a video, the project exposes the silent, pervasive processes of gentrification and the restructuration.



2014, Single Channel Video

Celebration is an eighteen minute video that details close-up shots of a character performing absurd repetitive gestures, framed by shots of the character trying, with dysfunctional difficulty, to enter an apartment.

The intention is to penetrate the banality of everyday experiences through persistent gestures and implicit narratives. The traces of the past that we carry with us – that aren’t visible or noticeable until we are in another place – surface as strange gestures, out of place and out of time.